ADIDAS Superstar in Rose Gold

ADIDAS Superstar in Rose Gold

I think it’s never too late to get these pair of shoes because they are still so gorgeous! But I bought the one in rose gold because the black and white one was already so common so I want to be a little more unusual or uncommon.


Watch my full review here:

I got the shoes in the size 6 and it costs 100$ CAD plus taxes would be around 114.98$ CAD so if you’re interested to buy one as well, just prepare 115$ CAD! These women’s shoes with some metallic rose gold style was added to the heritage style of Adidas superstar sneaker.

 It has a classic rubber shell toe, rose gold logo on the tongue. It has a rose gold metallic color leather 3 stripes and heel patch.

 These shoes has a synthetic leather lining and a rubber cupsole.

 These shoes are very versatile, can be paired with skirt, jeans or even dresses!

ADIDAS Superstar in Rose Gold

H&M and ZARA Try-on Haul!

Year-End Sale Haul!
ZARA and H&M Try-on Haul!

Better save that money you got on the holidays so that you can spend it on the year-end sales! This will be the best time of the year to shop around because companies will be getting rid of their stock so that they can replace it with newer batch or trends so they will mark it 50% to 80% sale! You can also try to shop around expensive stores because they will do the same!

Watch the full video here:

H&M Thin black long dress:

It has a flower design and it has a very good cut below where your thighs can peek out!


H&M  Blue Pants:

Tired of ordinary denim pants? Try out this new design! It has a unique pattern that can be paired with a good turtle-neck top!


H&M Earings:

Marble prints will always look classy and glamorous!


ZARA Long Metallic Copper Skirt:

It’s not an ordinary skirt you guys! Paired with a simple top, it will stand out and shine!

ZARA WOMAN Copper Shoes:

Will it be more glamorous than it already is? It has a textured copper color and the heels are gold!


ZARA Gold V-Cut:

It’s a textured gold type of color. It looks so simple in the front but at the back has a medium deep V-cut style for flaunting your flawless back!


H&M Light Grey Bag:

Simple, yet elegant! The color and style will always be on point and versatile as well!


H&M Denim Skirt:

It has 2 layers where it creates so much volume and is really good for thin people like me.

H&M Black Lace Top:

You can put this on top of a black dress or any nude top to show its great lace design. It has such good mermaid cut style on the hands.

ZARA WOMAN Nude Shoes:

Nude as you can see, versatility it will be!


H&M Gold Metallic Long Sleeves Top:

It looks sheer in person so better wear something nude underneath to show the brilliance of the top. It shines so bright especially when struck by light!

ZARA Baby Blue Heels:

It looks so pretty paired with this denim skirt as well as paired with denim pants!


ZARA ColdShoulder Dress:

It may be weird for some of you to see me wearing a table cloth? I’m a bit worried at first too but then when I wore it, it looks so beautiful, the cold shoulder design made it fashionable for me.
I got Manolo Blahnik on my 19th Birthday!

I got Manolo Blahnik on my 19th Birthday!

Trying out my new Manolo Blahnik! Mom gave me this shoes on my 19th birthday! Thank you so much mom!

It fits perfectly and it’s so comfortable! I can walk with these shoes all day because it’s not too high.