Eyeglasses DOs and DONTs + Free Eyeglasses!

Eyeglasses DOs and DONTs + Free Eyeglasses!


Your eyes are the windows to your body. You should always take care of it. It’s an essential part of our human body and makes a huge difference in our lives.

Taking care of your eyeglasses is the same thing as taking care of your eyes. So here’s a list of DO’s and DON’Ts that you must practice!

DONT: Leave it under the sun because it destroys the coatings on your lenses. Don’t just throw your eyeglasses in your bag, purse or pocket because it can be easily destroyed if it’s not in its case.

DO: Always bring your eyeglasses case. Bring either the fabric case or the hard case but I suggest using the hard case one to protect it more and keep your eyeglasses safe.

DONT: Get glasses that are only trendy and because everybody has that same kind of style or design.

DO: Get the one that’s really versatile so that no matter what season or year it is, it will still look pretty good. Most importantly, pick the one that is very comfortable to wear for you especially if you wear it on the daily basis.

DONT: Buy prescription eyeglasses without getting your eyes checked or consulted.

DO: Get your eyes checked annually or depending on how bad your eyesight is. In that way the prescription glasses that you’re getting will definitely help your eyes and not harm them.

DONT: Wash your eyeglasses using hot water, it destroys the coatings.

DO: Wash it using cold/lukewarm water to protect the coatings.

DONT: Use an abrasive soap or harmful chemicals to clean your eyeglasses. It will also destroy the coatings and also don’t use a brush to clean it.

DO: Use an eyeglasses cleaner that is safe to use for coated lenses. Use a soft cloth that usually comes with your eyeglasses to clean it.



Check the link in the description box on my youtube video for more info!

I already reviewed their eyeglasses and been using them for over a year now so better check it out!

ADIDAS Superstar in Rose Gold

ADIDAS Superstar in Rose Gold

I think it’s never too late to get these pair of shoes because they are still so gorgeous! But I bought the one in rose gold because the black and white one was already so common so I want to be a little more unusual or uncommon.


Watch my full review here:

I got the shoes in the size 6 and it costs 100$ CAD plus taxes would be around 114.98$ CAD so if you’re interested to buy one as well, just prepare 115$ CAD! These women’s shoes with some metallic rose gold style was added to the heritage style of Adidas superstar sneaker.

 It has a classic rubber shell toe, rose gold logo on the tongue. It has a rose gold metallic color leather 3 stripes and heel patch.

 These shoes has a synthetic leather lining and a rubber cupsole.

 These shoes are very versatile, can be paired with skirt, jeans or even dresses!