2019 Prom Dresses Trends | MillyBridal Reviews

2019 Prom Dresses Trends | MillyBridal Reviews

We’ll be talking about Prom dresses for 2019! A lot of people want to be ahead of finding the right dress and it’s never too early to look for the perfect prom dress for you!

Like in the previous prom dresses video/post, I once again have broken the dresses into 5 different categories to help you choose which one you think would look best on you and also to explore different styles!

The 5 categories are, short dresses, off-the-shoulder dresses, silk/satin like dresses, two piece dresses, and sequined dresses.

I will show you the pictures from the website and MillyBridal also provided me with the videos of the dresses which I think is a great idea so that you can see how it looks via video and not only in pictures. I will also display the colors available for the dress so that you can envision different looks with it. I will put their website on the description box down below for more details.

First, let’s start with short dresses. These are for you girls who would like to wear short dresses instead of a long floor length one.


This first dress is the A-line Sweetheart Satin Asymmetrical Pockets Prom Dresses. It’s the best combination of a short dress and a floor length dress. This dress is vintage inspired and I like the color black and also the inside is red. The combination of those colors are just sexy.

This is a tube like heart cut on the front looks good with the dress’ cut, it is also a strapless dress and the back is also simple with a zipper. The cut looks great because it tightens on the waist which will enhance your curves and it looks sexy even though you’re not showing too much of your cleavage and back. It just shows that being a little bit conservative can be sexy as well!

This dress is the A-line Off-the-shoulder Satin Tulle Short/Mini Sashes / Ribbons For Cheap Prom Dresses. I love the color grayish silver with the flower like texture/design on the upper part of the dress that extends a little bit on the bottom part of the dress. The texture is great for an off the shoulder dress like this. It’s very feminine, cute and sexy as well.

The back is laced up and it also has the cute flower texture on the back. The tulle bottom part of the dress adds a great shape to your body. The small ribbon detail on the waist too is very cute and stylish. I also adore cocktail dresses because a lot of people also prefers short dresses so that it’s easier to manage during prom.


This is the Trumpet/Mermaid One Shoulder Satin Floor-length Draped Prom Dresses. There’s just something sexy about off the shoulder dresses. Even though this one is only one shoulder, the ruffle design on it makes it sexy and elegant. The ruffle design also extends at the back.

You don’t need lots of bling bling or small details because the cut of this dress is already gorgeous. It will definitely show off your curves. The mermaid cut is also very pretty and it looks like it’s still very easy to walk with.

This is the Trumpet/Mermaid Off-the-shoulder Silk-like Satin Sweep Train Split Front Prom Dresses. This dress is definitely elegant! From it’s color, to the cut and fit of the dress! The off the shoulder has a ruffle style that also extends at the back.

It has a cut on the front or the split front which I find very sexy on this dress! It zips at the back and it also has a train design at the back which is not too long so it’s still manageable to walk with. The trumpet/mermaid that is floor length adds to the sexiness to the split front cut.


This is the Sheath/Column Cowl Neck Silk-like Satin Ankle-length Split Front Prom Dresses. I really love the flow of this dress. It looks very soft and comfortable because of the satin fabric used in this dress. It also has a split front detail on the front. The back has a open sexy back design.

Even though this dress is not floor length, it is only an ankle length dress, it’s still gorgeous because of the soft flow of the dress. The cowl neck also looks really great because it also reminds me of a v neck cut which enhances the boobs area without showing too much.

This is the A-line Halter Satin Sweep Train Ruffles Prom Dresses. Once, again, the black and red/burgundy combination is elegant and looks sophisticated. This dress is very seductive for me. The top part is very sexy from front to back. The open back design is gorgeous to show of your skin.

The front part has a cut in the middle that enhances the cleavage part and isn’t that just really sexy? The bottom part which is floor length has a satin like finish that even though there are no gems, stones or any bling bling design, it still looks stunning!


This is the A-line Off-the-shoulder Jersey Floor-length Split Front Prom Dresses. This dress reminds me of Princess Jasmine’s clothes but instead of pants like bottom, it has a split front cut that makes this dress gorgeous and sexy. It’s like a modern version of princess Jasmine!

The top part has an off the shoulder strap and another thin strap that is not off the shoulder. The lining of the top part looks so good and well made. The a line cut also looks sexy on this dress which gives your breasts a good shape.

This is the Sheath/Column V-neck Chiffon Floor-length Split Front Prom Dresses. THe nudish pink color is stunning on this dress and it looks very feminine. Adding dainty jewelries will be really good for this dress. The top part has a spaghetti strap with a v neck cut on the front.

The back part has an open back design. The bottom part is also flowy because of the material used which is chiffon. It also has a split cut to show off some legs. I like the see through style. It’s sexy without showing it all!


This is the Trumpet/Mermaid V-neck Sequined Sweep Train Prom Dresses. This dress is very magical for me. It will definitely capture a lot of eyes and people’s attention. It looks stunning and classy because of the sequined design! There are dresses that if it has too much of these sequined style, it doesn’t look great at all. But with this dress, it’s sexy from top to bottom. You won’t get enough of it’s sparkles!

The spaghetti strap plus v neck design enhances your neck and cleavage. The back part has an open back design and it’s also low. The bottom part of this dress looks so good because of the mermaid/trumpet cut design. It’s longer on the back and floor length on the front which will be easy to walk with.

This is the Trumpet/Mermaid Satin Sequined Two Pieces Backless Scoop Neck Prom Dress. This is the dress for you if you don’t want a top to bottom sequined style. This dress looks very modern and fancy. This one is a two piece dress that has a black top and a sequined gold mermaid cut bottom. This dress looks like you’re a mermaid princess!

The simple top compliments the bottom which has a gorgeous sequined design. It has a nice contrast.  The back has an open back design to show off some skin at the back which is very sexy for this dress and ties the all over design!