LaurDIY is a content creator on Youtube and is most known for her amazing DIYs. It’s been a while since she launched her merch and she also partnered with Ardene. I’m excited to try them out and tell you what I feel about it.

It was hard for me to find her merch here in Montreal and I was waiting for a long time to find it in my local area. Fortunately, when I passed by in Ardene in Plaza Cotes Des Neiges area, I found her merch and it was on sale for 50%-70% off!

I only got 2 pairs of her merch but if you want to see more, here’s the link on her official website: LAURDIY( x ARDENE (

I purchased a larger size compared to my actual size because I personally like oversized hoodies.


I find the clothing material thin and very lightweight. The design is good especially the colors. It has a pocket in front. The pocket is not that big to put both of your wallet and phone but I think your phone will fit perfectly.

As for the shorts that came with it, the design and combination of colors are also good. It is also a thing clothing material. The shorts are very comfortable to use at home and to sleep as well. The only problem I encountered was it was not adjustable. It has a ribbon or ties in front but you can’t use that to adjust the waistline. I got this one in medium size and fortunately, it fits me ok and no need to adjust the waistline.

The hood is designed like her dog MOOSE ( which is a Mini Bull Terrier. It looks like her dog but at the same time, I can also recognize just a little bit of MamaMiaMakeup’s dog ( which is a corgi. I find the design really cute and well made.



This one has a slightly thicker and softer material compared to the MOOSE HOODIE. I feel like it’s also warmer when I tried it on. The pocket on the front has almost the same size as the MOOSE HOODIE.

As for the pants, they are comfortable and warm. The bottom of the pants tightens which I like for my body/leg structure.

However, I encountered the same problem with the MOOSE shorts. Since I purchased a larger size than my actual size, the pants were way too large for me. The tie on the front is also not adjustable.

The choice of color is also good. It’s a koala so it is in color gray and little touches of pastel pink heart on the front. And also as a mini heart blush for the koala hoodie.


For me, since I purchased it on a 50%-70% sale, I would say YES. They are very cute and comfortable that I may even wear the hoodies in school. It is stylish enough to be worn outside or casually. I personally like hoodies like this because I stream on and my viewers also enjoy these kinds of hoodies.


I hope this quick review is helpful for you if you are also planning to try LAURDIY’s merch!


Stationery Haul!

Stationery Haul!

So recently I’ve been really into arts and crafts and I want to practice calligraphy as well as practice my doodling skills. Now that I’m just a beginner, I don’t want to splurge on the art materials that I don’t even know how to use. So I bought some beginner items at an affordable price because, to be honest, I also don’t have the luxury to purchase a lot of arts and crafts materials.
The items below are purchased in different stores in my are in Montreal, Quebec. I purchased items from Ardene, in their supplies section, some are from the Dollarama (Dollar Store), some are from an art and crafts store names Deserres and the last item is purchased in a random gift shop.

Ardene Clipboard

I’ve been looking for a good clipboard that is not too expensive yet cute. When I walked into the dollar store, I indeed saw a lot of clipboards there but it’s either too big, too plain or not customizable or just not my taste. So when I found this on Ardene, I have to get it right away. Since it’s very cheap and the design and pastel colors are to my liking.

Ardene Rosegold/Black and Gold Pens

My desk theme right now is white/silver and gold and when I saw these pens, I knew it would be great for my desk! I was first skeptical because I think it just looks great yet it won’t write well but to my surprise, it was actually pretty good for writing as well! It was actually quite heavy when I write because of the fake diamond on top but now that I’m used to it, I don’t mind at all!

 Ardene Pencil Case

Now that I have some fancy looking pens, why not a fancy looking pencil case?! This case is actually just the right size for me to put my on the go pens, pencils or art stuff and it won’t be bulky in my bag!

Ardene Sticky Notes

Who else is tired of plain simple colored sticky notes? Me! This sticky notes tho knows my style. The dusty pink colored pad with “make it happen” written on it makes me more motivated. Marble was a huge trend last 2016 but I think it never gets old and I also got marble design notepad in gray and white and the other one is a small sticky note in pink and white marble color! I’m really into pastel colors as well and the last small sticky note in this pack was a pastel turquoise with white diamond prints on it!

Gold Push Pins, Gold Paperclips, Gold Paper Binder

I have so much paper and documents on my desk and these items made me more organized! Since my desk has a gold theme, not only that I can get rid of the mess on my desk, getting organized plus it matches the style I have on my desk as well!

Metallic Washi Tapes

I honestly don’t know how or what to do with washi tapes but I really wanted to get one to design something. When I looked up online, it was quite expensive plus the shipping also costs too much for me and I’m afraid that if I got it, I don’t even know how to use it. Good thing when I came to the Dollarama, they sell washi tapes in sets at an affordable price! I picked one set which is this metallic set for me to know how I can use it and maybe in the future, invest in a better quality.

Studio Brush Pens

Now that I’m practicing calligraphy, I wanted to use brush pens for that and since I’m just a beginner, I don’t want to buy expensive brush pens when I can’t even use it right. So I picked up these Studio brush pens in Dollarama, cheap but good enough to practice!

Magnetic Bookmarks

I’ve been reading books lately and I get lost so easily and I’m tired of plain bookmarks because I easily lose them but with these magnetic bookmarks, I’m always sure it sticks to the book’s page!

Faber-Castell 4-Pitt Artist Pens (Black)

I know I can just use plain black pens but I’ve been into bullet journal recently and using a normal black pen made me feel I need something that I can customize or calibrate the style and thickness of the ink so I heard so many good reviews about this pen so why not grab one? It is actually quite expensive but I’m so satisfied with the outcome of the things I design or write.

Tombow Brush Pens

Since I am currently practicing brush pen calligraphy, I started to invest in Tombow Brush pens. They are actually quite expensive which ranges like $3 – $4 (CAD) each! They are no ordinary pen since this one is double sided pen which has the brush side and also the marker side. What makes it fun is when you’re able to blend color using the Tombow Colorless Blending Pen (N00)! For now, I got the shades gray(N45), pink(743), light pink(723) and the orange shade is (905).

Dotted Bullet Journal

Well, I probably already said that I’ve been into bullet journals so why not get a dotted bullet journal from Leucturm.? Everyone on Youtube prefers to get this notebook because it’s so customizable and pages don’t bleed easily. I’m not ready to use it for now but in the future, when I’m more confident of my art skills, I will definitely pour it all out in here!


I have honestly wasted hours online looking for good stickers but they never satisfy my liking into stickers but when I was window shopping one time, I saw a random gift shop and when I walked in there, I saw lots of stickers which I needed but the designs are too much for my journal and I was about to leave when I rechecked the stickers one by one and saw this Christian Sticker and I fell in love with it. The design is just perfect and plus it also motivates me to draw closer to God and when I face my problems, I can remind myself that it’ll be ok.