Swimsuit & Bikini Try on Haul!

Summer 2016 is almost there and I went out to buy swimsuits and bikinis! All of these swimsuits and bikinis are in small size or even extra small size because I’m a small girl. But you can definitely get the size that you want that fits for you! You can find these items on the nearest store around you.

One Piece Swimsuits

I got 2 of these one piece swimsuits!

This swimsuit from Ardene has this nice color and design. Since I’m a small girl, the printed design doesn’t make me look thin or small and the design seems to make me wider or bigger. This has the side cuts and very stylish and sexy!
Such a nice floral and tiger design! This swimsuit from H&M compliments my fair skin! The design is not harsh that’s why even though it has many details on it, it’s still very nice to wear! This has the same side cuts on it and even though it’s a one-piece swimsuit, it’s still very stylish and sexy!


Let’s start with the top!

All of these are from Ardene! Affordable yet stylish!
This top looks more like a bralette than a bikini top. But it is also nice to use as a swimwear and the strap crosses at the back!
This top also looks like a normal bra but the neon pink color is stunning!
I love green these days and when I saw this top, I purchased it right away! It’s a smooth kind of cloth and the simple design in the middle made it look stunning!
Who said wearing black is boring?! How about if you mix it with neon colors? It looks so good!

Bikini Bottom

I got 3 bikini bottom in different styles and prints!
Who would’ve thought I got this bottom from Ardene at a low price? The good design is very nice to pair with any top that I bought! Even a plain top will compliment with this!
Another bottom from Ardene! Some people wouldn’t love polka dots because they say it’s hard to pair it up with other clothes. But this polka dot bottom can also be paired with any top that I got!
I love this leopard printed bottom from H&M! I love pairing this with a black top to compliment each other!