Small Closet Organization Tips and Tricks
(How to Maximize Small Spaced Closet)

Hi guys! It’s Kaisey here. So if you watched my last vlog, you know that we’re moving into a new apartment and we’ve been trying to organize and arrange things which became a video idea! So let’s start with the closet!

Moving Vlog here:

Closet Organization Tips and Tricks Video Here:

  • ·         First thing is to know what you really want and what you really need. Donate clothes and stuff you don’t use anymore. Don’t let them just sit in your closet and help people that are in need!
  •  ·         Put all the empty boxes on the top shelves and put at the top the least things that you use. I put all the empty boxes of high-end stuff so that it won’t go to waste. It’s expensive so I want to make use of everything that came along with it.
  •  ·         Use plastic shoe boxes from Canadian tire/Dollar stores to organize your shoes especially the ones that you don’t use a lot. You can stack them up and since it’s plastic and clear, you can still see your shoes on which on you wanna wear and get them and return them easily. Figure out which one do you use a lot so that you can set it aside and put it in a place where you can easily reach it.
  •  ·         Put all your bags in the vertical shelves and put the bags that you use a lot in front so that whenever you wanna use it, you just get it from there and it’s easier to put it back.
  •   ·         Use the same kind and color of hanger, if you use a plastic hanger, use plastic hanger that has the same color to keep it looking organized because if it has different kinds of hanger and styles/colors, it will still look cluttered.
  • ·         Layer clothes to reduce space consumption Like put your long sleeves on top of your dresses or shirts.
  • ·         Fold the dresses in the waist line. Some dresses are long, some are short. To keep it looking organized, Fold them in half! I that way, they will be leveled in length.
  • ·         Put all the long sleeves together and long dresses together. In that way, you can just look in one specific spot of your closet where you know all of them are long sleeves or dresses

Make use of every space. It doesn’t matter how big or small your closet is. What matters is how you make use of every inch of it!