Day to Night Outfits 2017!

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First, you need to have a black or white top in your closet. That way, you can easily layer it with a very good-looking neutral coat and can be really fashionable — even in a cold season which you will see in the next clip.
 You will also need a good pair of jeans that is really comfortable and has a good fitting. You don’t need dozens on uncomfortable pairs. You’ll end up using the comfortable pants, anyway.
You will also need a good pair of rubber shoes or sneakers. These are the type of shoes that you can easily pair with variety of outfits, whether it’s for an edgy look or for a girly look, it would still match your mood and outfit.
Most of my attire from day to night are already in my closet, so remember to shop your closet first before you go out and spend a lot of money on shopping!
So with the night outfits, you will see the same staple piece or pieces used and just match them with statement accessories and classic looking heels which make the look more sophisticated and classy. These items don’t need to be expensive. All you have to do is mix and match them to make a more polished look.