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‘Instagram Baddie’ Makeup Tutorial (Drugstore Makeup)

‘Instagram Baddie’ Makeup Tutorial (Drugstore Makeup)

‘Instagram Baddie’ Makeup Tutorial (Drugstore Makeup)

So this Instagram Baddie makeup is been trending for awhile now and I decided to make my own version using the drugstore makeup that I bought recently! You can watch the video above to see how I did it and you can also read down below the products I used to make this look.


First, I used my Almay CC Luminous Primer to even out my skin.


After the primer, I used my Maybelline Dream Velvet in 05 warm porcelain shade to brighten my face and make my skin fairer.


Who doesn’t like a fair skin? Gotta cover up those dark spots and dark under eye circles using my Deborah Milano Concealer.


I’m using my essence eyebrow pencil in hot chocolate shade to make my eyebrows thicker.


Using my eyebrow brush, I’m blending the eyebrow pencil to make it more natural looking and to feather out the eyebrow pencil.


Use a Q-Tip to clean up the eyebrows and you can also use it to correct the shape of the eyebrows you drew.


There are other brow gels with different colors to define your Eyebrow hair but in my case, I’m using my used mascara to define my eyebrow hair. Instead of throwing it, you can still use it as brow gel especially if you have dark hair color!


Using my Essence All About Nude eyeshadow kit, I’m using the shimmering white to define and highlight my eyebrows.


I’m using my Loreal Eyeshadow kit for this look and I used three colors: gold, brown and shimmering black. First, apply the white eyeshadow to your lids until your upper crease, then use the black eyeshadow for the lids and the gold one for the crease and upper crease. Use your finger or a blending brush to blend it all out!


Apply a thick black eyeliner and also a thick eyeliner wing on each eye. I’m using my liquid eyeliner from essence.


For the nose contour, I’m using my essence smokey eyeshadow kit and I’m blending it out using my fingers but you can also blend it out using your blending brush.


For a blush that’s not too red and not too pink either, I’m using this blush from Physician’s Formula. It will give you a natural looking pinkish blush.


For defined lips, I’m using a lipliner from Etude House to enhance and reshape my lips.


I’m using Rimmel London Kate in shade 11 because of the dark red color it gives on your lips! It’s a nice color to use especially in a bad girl look!


Before I put on mascara, I made sure that I put on my false eyelashes from Qou. After that, I’ll use my Super Curl mascara from Rimmel London to blend the false eyelashes to the real one.


Affordable and Cheap Drugstore Makeup Haul

Affordable and Cheap Drugstore Makeup Haul

Affordable and Cheap Drugstore Makeup Haul

Cheap But has a Good Quality!

Why spend a lot of money on high-end makeup products when you can also buy affordable and cheap makeup products that also has a good quality?  I have bought some makeup products that are also as good as the high-end makeup products and I also did a short review! You can also watch the video above from my YouTube channel: Kaisey Mahizaki!

Blush and Eyeshadows!

Revlon Duo Eyeshadow

The first item on the picture is the Revlon’s Duo Eyeshadow which has a black and gold eyeshadow. Both colors have shimmers on it but the black’s shimmer is more noticeable than the gold one when you apply it on your eyelids. But when you mix those eyeshadows, they look so perfect together on your eyelids and it can also create a black and gold smokey eye look!

Physician’s Formula: Blush

The second item on the picture is the Physician’s Formula blush and it has a cute design oh hearts with different colors such a pink, light pink, red, light brown and peach. When I use this blush, it creates a natural blush on my skin and the color is not that harsh unlike on other blush that I used. It also creates a glowing effect on your cheeks like what a highlighter does! This blush can add a natural blush on your cheeks and also works as a highlighter!

Essence: All About Nude Eyeshadow

The third item on the picture is the Essence All About Nude Eyeshadow! It has 6 different colors. The first three colors on the top are shimmering white, light pink and shimmering light bronze while the three colors below are shimmering light pink, brown and dark brown. What I love about this is the colors are so neutral that it can be used with different outfits or different lipstick of your choice.

Essence: Smokey Eyes Set

The 4th item on the picture is the Essence Smokey Eyes Set. It has 3 different colors which are dark brown, shimmering light brown and a nude white eyeshadow color which is perfect for  smokey eye look! This eyeshadow set is very pigmented that I can also use the brown shade for nose contouring!


Physician’s Formula: Eyebooster

The Physician’s Formula eye booster has a doll Lash Extension Kit and it can increase the length of your eyelashes and you can wear this mascara that will last for 24 hours and enjoy your long, lifted and defined lash transformation!

Rimmel London Volume and Curl Mascara

This mascara from Rimmel London will not just increase the volume of your eyelashes but it can also curl your lashes without even using an eyelash curl! You can save time by just using this amazing mascara!

Liquid Foundation

Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse

This foundation is amazing that it has an airbrush finish and it’s not sticky at all! It has a great coverage and it also depends on how thick you will apply into your face. It lasts all day even if you’ve been sweating!

Eyeliner and Eyebrow Pencils

All of the eyebrow pencils and eyeliner is from essence. The first eyeliner is a 2 in 1 eyeliner pen that has a thick side and a thin side so that you can easily make the eyeliner style you want into your eyes.
The nest 2 brown eyebrow pencils are great that it’s my favorite because it lasts all day but it’s also not that hard to remove when you get home or about to sleep.
The last item is a liquid eyeliner for high definition eye contours!

Lipstick and Lipgloss

The gold lipstick is from Clarins and it’s in the shade 24: Pink Cherry that’s not too red and is nice for teenagers like me because when teenagers wear too much red lipstick, it will make them more mature than their age. It’s always nice to be youthful looking, don’t you agree?
The pink lipstick is from essence. When you first look at it, you wouldn’t think that it’s a liquid lipstick right? But in reality, it is! It has a light pink shade of 01 colour party that is nice to any complexion!
The last item is the essence XXXL Shine lipgloss. When you are too tired of the dry lips because of your matt lipstick, you can always use this lipgloss from essence that will moisturize your lips and give it a kissable look without ruining the color of the lipstick!