Louis Vuitton Speedy 40 Bag!

 This is a very durable bag. It stands the test of time. My mom handed it down to me. She used to love this for 5 years but the bag is still in great condition and still looks brand new even though she already used this bag as a hand carry bag and weekend bag. She gave this to me because she recently got the new LV Bandouliere 40. She told this LV Speedy Bag 40 will be the best starting and investment bag for me to use and a very practical bag so that it’ll be my inspiration to work hard and buy my own too. This bag is iconic and never goes out of style!

This bag has HKV personalized stamp on the bag. HKV stands for H for Honey (My mom’s name), K for Kaisey (My name) and V for Victoria (My little sister’s name). So maybe after few more years, I’ll hand this down to my sister too because right now she’s still 2 years old.


Michael Kors 

This is also a very practical bag. It is similar to LV Speedy edition, but instead of LV Logo, they have their own MK Logo. If you don’t want to really show off to carry an LV or Chanel bag, you can opt for this bag for a very affordable and also reliable bag to carry around during weekends or just roaming around the city.

This kind of bag material and color from MK is actually not good to pair up with dark jeans or dark clothes unless you are very careful to handle it because it can easily stain the bag but there’s also dark brown edition of this bag and it is easier to maintain and clean.


Chocolate Bag 

I adore this bag. Every time I use this bag, I can hear a lot of compliments that this bag is so chic but very affordable bag. With this bag’s faux fur and gold touch, you can really see that this bag is beautiful during fall and winter season! This bag is really nice to use during fall and winter season because it has this faux fur design in the front that will compliment on fall and winter outfits.


ZARA Nude Bag

This is a very practical bag to use for an office bag or bag for work because you can put a lot of your stuff in this bag. This bag is naturally light but also a heavy duty bag to use every day. You have to be careful when using this bag because of its light color, you don’t want dirt or spill coffee and drinks on this bag because it will ruin the color but if that happens, wipe it and clean it as soon as possible to avoid discoloration of the bag.


Watch this youtube video of my bag collection and see the other bags that I have! You can watch down below or you can also go to my YouTube Channel: Kaisey Mahizaki to see more of my Videos! 🙂