4 Season Shoe Lookbook – Shoe Collection

These shoes that I will show you are the shoes I used this year in 4 different seasons. You don’t need a lot of shoes because every year, the fashion trend changes. So instead of buying so many shoes to use this year, choose the good shoes that you can use in different seasons!

Fall to Winter Shoes


Who wouldn’t love these Royal Blue Shoes from Spring? By just the color you can already see the joy in it and even though the leaves start to fall from trees! Be sure to wear thick tights to protect you from chills you might feel because of the chilling wind and winter is coming soon.


These shoes from Sirens have this great design of leather with a gold studs touch on it! When fall is coming to and end, these shoes are great to use to cover your feet well but leaves your ankles and toes open but of course when winter is coming near, you might also wanna wear thick tights just to keep you warm!


These winter shoes are good enough to use in winter because you can keep your feet warm and avoid getting wet or snow inside the shoes! The black color is nice because you can easily clean it when you get home and you can match it with any winter jackets! Be sure that you’ll also where the hunter’s sock for protection and keep your feet warm. The height of the shoes is also good enough to cover your feet because you might never know if there will be a snow storm and a thick snow on the ground outside. I can also use this shoes in spring time when it rains.

Expression at la Baie

Is winter nearing the end? Well, these shoes from Expression at la Baie is the good and fashionable shoes you can wear when you know that the snow is melting and you can now wear boots that are not too high and thick. Make sure when you wear these shoes, you should still wear thick long socks or a thick kind of pants/tights to protect your skin from the coldness of the melting snow or wet snow! 

Spring to Summer


Zara nude with the red strap and elastic details. 100% comfortable and you can walk and stand with this whole day because of the hidden platform inside! Very nice shoes for clubbing and hanging around with friends or you can dance with this all night! Easy to match with any clothes.


This is the ALDO summer nude shoes. I brought this from my vacation in Toronto. This is the only sexy strap shoes that I use and bring to weekend or summer vacation. And it’s very versatile, you can tie the string or straps upward or you can also tie it together like on the picture and you can dress it up or dress it down.

Michael Kors

This gold flat thong flats from Michael Kors is very fashionable even if it’s just flat because of the gold tone. You can use this walking around the city during summer time doing your errands or shopping. And you can also use this flats with pants or shorts.

ZARA Women

Just like the Michael  Kors gold flats, this is just like the upgraded version of those flats. With the gold tone and 2 inch heels, it is easy to walk around the city or you can even run using this heels because it has it’s thick heels and very comfortable to wear.

MANGO Peep-toe Heels

This peep-toe heels is a ery nice shoes to start the spring season because of the neon pink color and it’s ery comfortable because of the hidden platform. The patent leather is easy to clean! I love pairing these with shorts and cullots.


This Valentino inspired wedges from sirens is very cute! The almost nude pink color is perfect to match with any clothes from your summer wardrobe! These wedges is perfect to walk around the park and also going out with friends becuase of the espadrel set-up, it’s very comfortable and easy to balance. So when you’re a little bit tired and you wanna wear heels, wedges are a go to!