I mainly do vlogs, product reviews, and makeup tutorials on my YouTube channel Kaisey Mahizaki. 


I am currently a graphic design student. I would like to share my work in this platform as well as inspire aspiring artitsts and graphic designers.

Makeup Tutorials

I do mainly product reviews but I also do makeup tutorials on my Youtube Channel!

My Blog

This is where I post elaborated version of the content I post on my YouTube Channel!

Marc Jacobs See-Quins Eyeshadow Review – Copperazi

For this post, we will be reviewing the Marc Jacobs Glitter See-Quins Eyeshadow and it’s from the Marc Jacobs 2018 Holiday collection. According to the Sephora website, “It’s a limited-edition, glitter-packed eyeshadow with bold pigment...

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2019 Prom Dresses Trends | MillyBridal Reviews

We’ll be talking about Prom dresses for 2019! A lot of people want to be ahead of finding the right dress and it’s never too early to look for the perfect prom dress for you! Like in the previous prom dresses...

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LaurDIY is a content creator on Youtube and is most known for her amazing DIYs. It's been a while since she launched her merch and she also partnered with Ardene. I'm excited to try them out and tell you what I feel about it. It was hard for me to find her merch here...

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BFFECT Skin Care Review

I’ll be reviewing BFFECT skin care products that I’ve been testing my self for weeks now and I will share my experience and thoughts about this product.   Who or what is BFFECT? BFFECT is a skincare brand and the name signifies Basic Yet Effective. Their goal is to...

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Clinique Happy Heart Women’s Perfume Review

I've been using this perfume since I arrived here in Canada which was 2016. It's been 2 years and I never got tired of using it. So I figured I will make a review about it for those who are interested in purchasing this perfume. I got this perfume from Clinique branch...

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It's back to school season! Are you excited to go back to school? I went back to school last July 31st, and I know it’s an odd day of the month to go back to school so let’s just say I started August. Let me know if you’re school starts in August or September! For...

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